Foundations & NPOs

Foundations & NPOs

Be it progressive technical development, changes in the financial sector or new reporting guidelines – the environment of foundations is constantly changing which has a direct influence on the operating business, strategy as well as the fulfillment of the purpose of the foundation.

For this reason we apply a holistic approach: We take into account the three key aspects of any foundation (operating business, strategy and purpose of the foundation) and avoid isolated solutions.

Thanks to our long-term Consulting experience with

  • the Stiftung Hans und Lilly Knecht-Wethli
  • the Stiftung Lilienberg Unternehmerforum (entrepreneur forum)
  • the Stiftung Swiss Science Center Technorama
  • the Stiftung Drei Tannen
  • the VTW Vereinigung Technorama Winterthur

we are convinced that we can find a solution for the matters of your foundation.

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